Holidays are supposed to be such a happy time – but for many of us it can be a time of loneliness and frustration.  It can be a time when we are overwhelmed with feelings about what we feel is missing in our lives.   There is a way to defeat these thoughts – no matter what is happening in your life.  Here is just how to do it –

  • Make a list of the things you are “missing” in your life.
  • Ask the angels, God or the universe to help you lift your thoughts to a higher and happier vibration.  See you letting the thoughts go – like letting go of a helium balloon.
  • Now, creatively find a way of giving someone a small part of the things you are missing.

I know this sounds too simple and too “Pollyanna” to work – but it does.  If you need convincing – let me share something I read in author Dr. Ali Binazir’s blog today.   He suggests that you change your perspective by asking “Would you rather?”  Here are a couple of his questions to change your perspective:

“Would you rather have your mortgage foreclosed, or have Russian tanks rolling over your home in South Ossetia?

Would you rather have difficulty paying your kid’s school tuition, or maim him so he’d be better at begging on the streets of Mumbai?

Would you rather have to cancel your health insurance, or have terminal malaria with no access to medications in Uganda?

Because there are people in all of those latter situations — and I’m guessing you’re not one of them. “

So – ask the angels for a change in your perspective and then take positive action!  Decide to give a little of what you think you are missing!  I guarantee that taking this action will make you feel better, no matter what is going on in your life.  You always have a choice about how you feel.  You are in charge of how you look at your life – through the lens of what is missing or through the lens of what you have to appreciate.

Let me give you some examples:

  • If you feel you don’t have enough money – find a way to give someone a gift – is there something you have at home that you no longer need?  Take it to a charity center where someone can happily use it.  Can you afford to pay for someone else’s coffee or bring a small box of candy for someone who has less than you?
  • If you are feeling lonely – Who at work could use a sincere compliment?  Who in your home or relationships needs a hug or an encouraging word? How many times today can you give a kind word or a smile to a waiter, bus boy, cashier or anyone you meet?
  • I challenge you to be a part of the solution – a part of those who make life better for everyone.

You can decide to be someone who spreads happiness and good feelings all around you.  You can choose how you feel in any moment – but you must take action.  When you do good – you will feel good.  When you spread happiness and high vibrations of goodness – that happiness becomes yours. So what good can you do today?  Give what you are missing – and I guarantee it will come back to you multiplied in wonderful ways!  You can choose to be someone else’s answered prayer – you always have a choice!

Take care of you!  Love and Light,   Eve, – click here for personal e-mail advice and Angel Reading – and angels.

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