Client Question:  Dear AdvisorIsIn – I need help with my relationship.  I am worried that my younger, immature boyfriend might leave me because of his family, and everything he does is really upsetting me because of that situation and his irresponsibility.

Answer: One thing I can tell you – you are worthy and lovable. Do not make this relationship so important. Start planning for what you want to do with your own life – with or without him.

Start concentrating on you and how you can look and feel and be the best that you can. Find fun things to do, places to go and things to learn. Buy yourself a new outfit or get a manicure – instead of worrying about what he is doing.
Join something you like and participate. If you just turn your attention to yourself and become the best you can be – spend your time becoming the best, kindest, most fun person you can be – everything will work out.

  • Either he will make a decision to be with you and not let his relatives influence him – and he will love the independent you.
  • Or, if all your attention is not on him, he will drift away, because he is too immature for you –   And it will be OK – because you have made a great life, with or without him.

Client: Thank you for the encouraging words, I hope things turn out the way I would like them to be.

Answer:  Just remember – you cannot change anyone else to be who you want them to be.  They have free choice to stay just as they are.

But you are worthy of love and attention from someone that is totally loyal to you.  Give your boyfriend the freedom to meet your expectations.  If this young man cannot do that – you will hurt yourself by holding on to him. If you hold on – you won’t be able to find the man who will be there for you, all the way.

We have to let go of one thing – before we can hold something better. That can be scary, and can make you feel temporarily lost. Work on believing good things about you. Be strong on the inside for you and firmly take care of you – and be soft and kind on the outside.  You can try the free Mini-Meditation and also purchase a Mini-Meditation about Forgiveness at

Ask your angels to give you a sign that you are loved and to let you know that you need to do what is right for you.  Take care of you and be the kind of person you would want to be with – and you will make a great life for yourself.   In additon, you will attract just the right kind of man for you. This man, or someone better for you.  You deserve it!

Your message from the angels is – You must take care of yourself and make sure you are doing what you really want to do – in all of your life. You are not responsible for your boyfriend. You are responsible for taking good care of you.

Love and Light, Eve, – click here for personal e-mail advice and Angel Reading – and angels.